Apr 07 2019


Registration opens at 12pm first match will be approximately 1pm
12:00 pm


$25 - Over 30 contestants, MoG will pay out $500 to the top player at MoG, 2nd and 3rd place will be based on attendance.



ggCircuit $50,000 WAN Solo Tournament & Monthly Fortnite

Come to MoG on April 7th and play in 2 FORNITE EVENTS IN ONE!!!

MoG will be rolling it’s Monthly Fortnite Tournament in with the ggCircuit $50,000 WAN.  – Played on a custom Eastern North America Server.

$25 Entry Fee – Once we have 20 people signed up, we will guarantee a $500 cash prize to the top performer at Ministry of Gamer for the day.

  • 2nd and 3rd prizes will also be based on attendance.


Click here to pre-register here so we know you are coming!

ggCircuit Registration Form.

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3 Confirm & Pay

In House Rules

*** NEW RULE: Due to the loss of several MoG owned controllers, Ministry of Game will be introducing a $3 + HST flat rate rental fee for any controller that is being used during a tournament. A $2 + HST flat rate rental fee for micro USB cables will also take effect immediately. 

Starting Match

All teams are expected to be at Ministry of Game 45 minutes before the start of the first match.
First match start time is firm, barring any technical challenges.

Using Your Own Peripherals

You will be permitted to use your own peripherals. Should you wish to do so, it is recommended that you arrive 60 to 90 minutes before the start of the first match.
Ministry of Game is not responsible for compatibility challenges with personal peripherals and MoG equipment.
A physical and digital inspection of peripherals may be requested at the discretion of any Ministry of Game Operative, Leader, or Missouri Valley College Representative.

Technical challenges with personal peripherals will not be permitted to delay first match start time.

Recording Matches

Ministry of Game reserves the right to stream your match on the Ministry of Game Twitch channel.
Should you wish to stream your match on your own channel you will be permitted. However, Ministry of Game will not be held responsible for lag time due to streaming.
Technical challenges with streamer set up will not be permitted to delay first match start time.


Cancellation policy 

Cancellations are possible up to 72 hours before the start of the event.
Entry fee is non-refundable once we are less than 72 hours from the start of the tournament.

Breach of Rules

Foul language, offensive, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated by any player and will result in the following:

  • First Warning – Will be a reminder of the MoG Code of Conduct and behavior that is expected.
  • Second Warning – Will lead to forfeiting the game
  • Second Warning will lead to disqualification from the tournament & possible ban from the facility.

Disconnect/connection issues

If disconnection/ crashes/ or any other type of error occurs during the loading process, games that can be paused MUST be paused until all players connect. For games that cannot be paused, the team must immediately leave the queue they are in, re-join their party, and attempt another queue.


If any of these errors happen midway through a match, a restart may occur at the discretion of the game admin. In regards to games that have the ability to pause. Teams can pause the game so long as it does not exceed the pause allowance. If an error happens and the team is already past their pause allowance, the game will continue or said team will automatically lose the game.


Pause Allowance:

Rule only applies to games with the ability to pause.

Teams may pause the Game for a maximum of 10 minutes over the course of a single Game( best of 5) or 20 minutes over the course of a Match ( best of 3 ) and 15 Minutes for the best of 1 matches. Pausing beyond allowance-time will be considered unfair play and match must be resumed.

Game Admin

In case of any dispute regarding any issue, the final decision will be made by the admin.
Game Admin has the power to refute any rule depending on the situation at hand.
These Rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by Ministry of Game, from time to time, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of Ministry of Game tournaments.



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